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WTF, mate!

So went to this screening of "the Sounds of War" earlier tonight. It was supposed to examine rock, rap and the spiritual world. But all it did was point out how evil music is by explaining how it goes against each commandment. There was no other points of view other than the "Christian" one. The only reason I sat throught it was becuase I figured "hey, I'm at a mature University, surely there will be some forum for discussion or debate afterward." Boy was I wrong. Before I knew it he was trying to get everyone praying "trying to join the right side." One girl flat out asked him, "How do you know you're not on the wrong side?" to which he just said he would talke to her afterwards. At one time in the presentation he was criticizing bondage to be sinful. His practace, however, were way more restrictive than any bondage I've ever seen. There was no way to have an oppinion or means of expression. We simply had to take his words up the ass. The Christianity presented wasn't even respectable, it just henged on denial, ignorance, close-mindedness, evil. It was when he was asking for people to "join" him and "be saved" that I finally got the nerve to get up and walk out. I just can't beleive a prestigious University would have such an unsholarly presentation, it really makes me sick.

On another note:

What do you dream about?
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The goings on of break

I replied to this on virgilangelo's post, so now I must post it:

Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word. Leave it as a comment to this post. Then post this in your own journal, please.

I am curious to see what you people think. Please don't hold anything back.

Spring break was awesome, in case you didn't know, I went to Miami's South Beach. A group of about 17 of us from the school went on an "outreach trip." We tutored some high school kids in writing, went to a nursing home, cleaned an island, help build a house for Habitat for Humanities and had a blast at the beach. I got burnt soo bad the very first day. It tanned over and started peeling by the end of the break. I couldn't care less though, I just had soo much fun walking the streets and watching all the beautiful people pass. I must have went to Starbucks at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Philosophy turned out to be alright. Before break I had to write an essay of about 10 pages on "the sublime" which really sucked. My paper was only about 8 pages and was prolly about the worst writing I have done thus far this semester. None the less I got a B+/A- on it for a solid A- in the class. This really excits me to, cause that means I only have one B and will prolly make the Dean's List for this semester; an awesome change of pace from last semester.


Things have been going pretty good lately. My grades have been kicking ass (I haven't gotten anything lower than a B so far) and my painting is coming along nicely. I should take some pics of my recent art and post it or something. Actually, that reminds me, my animation project is posted on the web at http://malde.sewanee.edu/class/103/html/AnimationProject.htm But don't expect too much, it is just a sub-par chess game. We got cameras the other day in my Intro to Lens class and I am excited, I want to go picture crazy. The video project is due monday and I am somewhat scared of what will come of that. I filmed my sunset last thursday and I think I want to do a retake, but it has been so rainy lately and the sunsets suck. I guess I will just end up turning in what I have and redoing it laters. meah. Anyways, I should prolly get back to my English essay.

Ohh yeah, I shaved yesturday and now all I have is sideburns. I think I will go to the club tonight with some of my friends. The last few times I went, all the people I hit on failed to acknowledge my existence, so I was beginning to think that it was because I looked old and sketchy. But now I apparently look like I am 15, says Amanda anyways.

And my roomate has now gotten a livejournal and his handle is silentplummet



I have seen this thing on three posts so far, so I guess I will succomb to peer pressure once again.

I just got out of philosophy class where we discussed the sublime in relation to god (not the christian one). This gave me an idea for my next film project, which is to make a biography without actually using people. Since the god we talk about in philosophy doesn't have a physical manifestation, I figure it would be perfect to make a biography of god. I think I will start of with beautiful flashes of nature, working up to a fearful experience in which one feels terror as well as safety. I will then move on to a vast horizon that one could not possibly imagine the magnatude of. The ending scene will be in the chapel, suggesting that the cause of these experiences is indeed god. Does anyone have any ideas about this, perhaps other stuff that sould be included or anything?

ehh, laters...

Ohh yeah...

There has been a crapload of stuff that I have yet to post, so this one is not just about today. Although today has gotten me thinking...

Anyways, so a while back I broke up with Christian. I am not completely sure why these things happen. I guess it was many little things that add up, like when he always seems to know it all and misquotes something or someone. It is like fingernails on a blackboard. But Christian is only the tip of the iceberg. The bigger question is, why do I always push people away when they try to get close? This is what I don't understand. For example, in the begining of the relationship, I was the one going after Christian and he was just along for the ride, then as it progressed, I was along for the ride and he was mad for me. So I finally broke it off, although we are still friends. But my problem remains and I don't know that it is the people I am with. Does anyone know of a remedy for something like this, cause I don't want to keep breaking people's hearts with seemingly no reason.

This is my sort of V-day. I don't think I have ever had a boyfriend on Valentines day, but it's nothing I care about. I kinda agree with Micheal on that one.

Meah, theres my ramble for today.

Ohh yeah...

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Go student-teacher relations...


I live...

Ok... So things have been getting a little hectic lately. I started classes a while ago, and I can't complain about the classes, I got the perfect schedule:

Philosophy of Art
Intro to Lens and Time Based Media

I think Painting is my favorite class. Everyone is giving me really good complements on my work. We have only really done three paintings, one of which I have yet too finish. One was this monochromatic portrait I did from a magazine cut out of this really hot model. I put the Andy Warhol banana (from the cover of the Velvet Underground cd) in the background to sort of further sexualize him. Another one is a monochromatic reproduction of one of El Greco's Jesus paintings. It has Jesus in all his glory with the throrny crown and blood dripping, it makes me happy.

I have also started track... which is really, really crazy. Like, I ran 4 miles on Monday, another 4 Tuesday, and about 5 on Wednesday. Thursday I skiped practice cause I needed to do an English essay, but I will prolly make it up sometime. This is by far the most I have ever ran in one week. Soo many blisters on my feet and sore muscles, but for some reason they are not bothering me too much. I think once I get used to it and reach a sort of routine it will all work out.

Anyways, I do not want to ramble on too much, so I will hopefully post relatively soon...

I'm sure Christian can vouch for this

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Yeah, so me and Christian have gotten pretty hot and heavy lately. I ate Thanksgiving dinner at his place and spent most of the break with him. He gave me a cool ring, I never take it off now.

Finals are coming up, and instead of studying like a good boy, I'm on this thing procrastinating as much as possible. I found this thing in the library that can scan slides into a computer, it is the nifty thing of the month. I scanned a few slides and e-mailed them to myself, but I don't think I did it right because the pics are ultra-tiny.

meah, thats life, for now.

this cool dude...

Yeah, so last night this guy called my room completely out of the blue. He said he was a "double-match" on hotornot.com, and that he had tracked me down somehow. At first I was just like, "this is really sketchy." But his profile on hotornot was really cool and he, his name is Christian (lj name,adonisesq) sounded like a cool person, so I agreed to have lunch with him today at 11 am. We had an awesome Calzone lunch and talked about art and physics and lots of crap. Then we decided to go to the library, cause he needed to return some books (he lives like 6 miles off campus, so tracking me down prolly wasn't that hard). We decided to get a move, called Orlando (a really bizarre but great film), and all throughout we kept giving these awkward-nervous-flirtacious glances toward each other.

I am hoping the best for this, cause it is really hard to find quality men around here.