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Registered today for a class at Glassell School of Art for a Spring, 2013 class.  I'll be taking a Non-Silver Photographic Processes class, which specializes in cyanotype (among other processes) to create photographs without negatives or traditional darkroom procedures.  The cool part, however, is that its taught by Will Michels, photography curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  http://www.madebywill.com  Michels has just opened an exhibit he's been compiling for a long time, on War Photography, which should prove to be one of the most important Photography exhibitions of our time.  And lucky for me, I had a scholarship to the school which covered the tuition portion, which saved me about $450.  

Aside from that, I'm coming pretty far with some of the pieces I'm working on for my Figure Drawing class.  Photos to come!


So... Its been a while.

I'm not even sure I remember quite how to really use this thing...  Although, with my current explorations back into my artistic process and a recent e-mail reminding me I had this account, perhaps its worth a re-visit...  and yes, I love ellipses now. 

So, I'm currently in a Figure Drawing Class at Glassell School of Art, a fraction of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  The semester is coming to a close at the end of the month, where I need to have at least 10 completed pieces.  I have about 4 completed and several others which are either great starts or will never amount to much.  I guess not every seed planted grows into a big oak tree...    I'm really just ecstatic that I've picked up some sort of drawing tool, after about a 5 year break.  Its about DAMN time!  I started working on a self portrait today, which with any luck, will wind up coming anywhere close to what I have pictured in my head.  

I realize I was never much of a "journalizer," however, that doesn't mean I'm not a "journeyer."  While I've gone through such a long phase of absence from posting here, or even on Facebook, or even from art, it doesn't mean I've remained idol.  There are soo many experiences and paths I've walked in that time, which will surely shape the way I produce art from now on, and probably even the way I write in journals (if I were to write in them).  

P.S.-  If you're a friend on here and still keep up your journal, comment to let me know you still use livejournal.  I know it'd be amazing to reconnect with some of you! 

For some reason...

I felt compelled to update this thing even though its been ever soo long. Dudes, check out some of my latest work, some of which will be on exhibit in a show in Nashville. I'm excited. hehe.

Grrr... I have a Chemistry test today. It's the first test this semester and there is sooo much to cover. Ack, I just hope that maybe the stuff I don't know well will just not be on the test.

Someone said this weekend that when I was a freshman I was know as "that freshman with the hot ass." How weird is that, gosh, and at dinner last night someone totally checked out my ass and then had the whole table looking. I turned around and was like, " you people are looking at my butt aren't you." I just heard snickers in response. Ack, this is just crazy news, I mean, I always knew I had a full butt but never knew people regularly checked it out. I should develop some sort of superpower called the butt-bump. Haha, I'd kill enemies by hitting them with my ass and they would just fly into orbit.

Anyways, I hope all is well with everyone.

just for Nikki

Sophomore year is going alright. Lots of art classes. Last semester I had Beginning Drawing, Intermediate Photography, Spanish Lit 300 and Queer Studies. Raised my GPA up a good bit, so I was happy.

This semester I decided to overload with all art classes. I have Chemistry and Art, Art Education, Symbolizing the Self, Intermediate Drawing and Directed Projects. Directed Projects and Symobolizing the Self are taught by a visiting professor, Chris Bucklow, who is hella-tight cause he's met Robert Mapplethorpe and has an English accent. I've learned how to procrastinate, turn shit in late and still get A's, which is kick-ass cause I used to try soo hard last year and just get C's. What is up with that crap. Meah, I guess I can't complain.

Art Education is cool, they are actually entrusting the minds of moldable elementary kids in my hands. *muah-ha-ha* Is that creepy or what. There's going to be this streak of queer art rebels in east TN within the next 10 years.

I'm also applying to go abroad next fall. I want to go to the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. That would be soo sweet. They don't have such thing as dorms there, so I have to find a hotel or hostel or something. Well, I was researching a little and found this place that houses men between the ages of 16 and 22, is right by the beach and is on direct tram route to the school. How awesome is that, it's like gay kid heaven. The other school I'm applying to is the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. My photography teacher graduated there and it just seems like a really cool place.

I've also somehow started smoking pot. Already I've hotboxed my sub-free dorm room twice. I live next door to the Proctors too, how stupid was that? meah, it was fun. I watched some movie about these two guys that try to go to a burger place called Whitecastle, or is it Newcastle, meah. I also took up Orienteering and Magic the Gathering again. I'm in the process of starting an Orienteering team which *fingers crossed* will hopefully make it to St. Louis for the inter-collegiate meet. I also do MTG on Wednesdays with this small group of geeks. There's this one guy named Brendon who is sooooooo adorable. Why do I always fall for the nerds?

Thats enough rambling for now, catch you kids laters. If you wanna know anything else about whats going on with me, just write me or comment on this thingy. My aim is rainbowartkid if you want to find me that way.

this is really interesting...

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I wonder if there is any truth to it, you know, sorta like the saying that you know yourself both the most and the least. Whats more creepy is that Christian (Sewanee x-boyfriend, adonisesq) is the one that has the crush. Meah...

I wish I was a drink...

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I don't know what to say to that

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Lets try that again

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